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Store any file from your computer.
Access your files from anywhere.
Share with friends, co-workers or clients.
Receive files from clients.

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  Online Storage

When you combine online file storage services into a single integrated workgroup plan, the result is a powerful tool that costs less to operate and is simple to manage.

Setup a new Corporate or Personal Account on I(2) Drive network and start using it today. Backup files, share with friends create photo presentation and access them from anywhere. or access your account through I(2) Drive WebDAV Server. Map to your I(2) Drive account from any computer from anywhere.
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User Friendly and Fast Online Storage

Create a new Corporate or Personal Account on I(2) drive network and upload your file, document or multi-media from your computer.

Login to your account via a browser from any location or map a drive to your account and have access to your files.

Share files with friends by sending a special access key. Corporate clients can share files within your company, departments or outside clients. Receive files from clients.

Upload any file, document, or multi-media from your computer in safe and secure network. Access your account from anywhere and map to your folder. You can also share any of your files with friends and family.
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See how we can help you build your business with innovative and integrated online storage services and extend your business and reach farther. See Corporate Accounts

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Set-up is fast and easy. In less than five minutes you can create your account and start protecting and sharing your digital files.
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