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  If you have a large organization requiring servers running in-house, we can help you setup and configure our server software. It now includes WebDAV server implementation, along with client access via our easy to use web-interface or any WebDAV enabled clients. We can also help you with migrating files and server setup.

I(2) Drive is the leading provider of storage solutions for companies, including managed server solutions, content management and data storage.

Please Contact us with your requirements and information about your company.

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Introducing I(2) Drive storage solutions WebDAV Server

I(2) Drive WebDAV Server is a collaborative authoring and content management server implementing The standard specifications of WebDAV class 1 and class 2 (RFC2518) as set forth by IETF (The Internet Engineering Task Force) WebDAV working group.

I(2) Drive WebDAV Server provide namespace management, persistent locking, metadata (properties) management via XML, remote management, and remote authoring of files. Additional functionality of I(2) Drive WebDAV Server include web-based user interface, administrative tools, file sharing and account access control.

I(2) Drive WebDAV Server supports database, file system and other types of storage. There are also many clients that support this standard specification and it makes it ideal for all types of users.

I(2) Drive webDAV Server and the web-based client user-interface can be installed on any server that supports JavaTM. In a short amount of time you can have a complete content management system for serving files, and allowing remote access and authoring capability to in house or remote users.

Extend the value of your content with I(2) Drive storage solutions

The I(2) Drive Server is designed to provide a full range of capabilities, including storage infrastructure management, WebDAV Server implementation, and remote access to content. Integration services are also available for your company.

I(2) Drive WebDAV Server Infrastructure

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